Caddy Clean Grey Tynex Brush - 2 pieces

Caddy Clean Grey Tynex Brush - 2 piecesZoom
Brand:Caddy Clean
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This stiff bristle brush, with 1.0 grit, for the Caddy Clean Autoscrubber is ideal for seriously heavy-duty scrubbing jobs. The CaddyClean hard Grey Tynex Brush provides the necessary strength to remove grease and oily buildup from concrete floors, restaurant kitchen surfaces and other areas that get the most difficult to clean kind of dirty. Caddy Clean Automatic Scrubber fitted with grey Tynex bristle brushes makes it easier than ever to clean stuck on dirt in hard to reach areas with the small 4" brush heads.

Use Caddyclean hard Tynex brushes for heavy duty cleaning jobs on floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens and more.

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