Caddy Clean Green Abrasive Scrub Pads -package of 10

Caddy Clean Green Abrasive Scrub Pads -package of 10Zoom
Brand:Caddy Clean
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Product Description

Clean tough stains or remove layers of stubborn flooring finish using the abrasive green scrub pads with the Caddy Clean Machine. When Caddy Clean red scrub pads are not enough to clean or strip finish from the floor, use the more aggressive green scrubbing pads to lift dirt and grime on tougher cleaning jobs. At 4-inches in diameter, standard size for Caddy Clean, these abrasive scrub pads fit to the Caddy Clean Autoscrubber with the 4-inch Caddy Clean Pad Holders.

Use Caddy Clean Green Abrasive Scrub Pads for wet cleaning or wet finish stripping from resilient flooring materials such as LVT, LVP, sheet vinyl and ceramic tile. Caddy Clean green scrub pads are fairly aggressive so test performance in an out of the way area to ensure desired results before cleaning any floors, walls, sinks or other surfaces.

This package contains 10 Green Caddy Clean Scrub Pads.