• Armstrong S-453 Level Strong 55 lb
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Armstrong S-453 Level Strong 55 lb
Mfr. Part No:FP00453550
This item is no longer available.

Product Description

Armstrong Flooring has replaced S-453 Level Strong, 55 lb bag with S-463 Level Strong, 50 lb bag
Armstrong S-453 Level Strong in a 55 lb bag is a cement based self-leveling underlayment compound that mixes with plain water for use under commercial/residential Armstrong Flooring. Apply mixed compound with a smoothing trowel at 1/8 inch up to 1 inch thick without aggregate. Coverage is 60-70 square feet per 55# bag at 1/8"thickness. Pot life is approx 30 minutes. Store Armstrong S453 up to 1 year, unopened, in a cool dry space. Advantages of S-453 Leveling Underlayment is high compressive strength of 5800 psi, quick dry time/ready for foot traffic in approx 2 hours and no RH limit for use over concrete. Allow 24-hours drying time prior to beginning resilient floor installation.

Follow Armstrong Flooring application instructions for Strong System floor prep for S-453 to perform effectively. Use Armstrong S453 Self-Leveling Underlayment for overall leveling of concrete subfloors on any grade level and with recommended substrates including gypsum and OSB panel plywood. All surfaces must be free of dirt, oil, grease, plaster, curing compounds, polish, wax and other foreign matter in accordance with ASTM F-2873 prior to use of Armstrong S-453 Self Leveling Underlayment. Follow industry safety procedures for mechanically removing old adhesives from substrate during subfloor preparation. More details about Armstrong Flooring S-453 can be found in the detailed S-453 Product Data Sheet and in the S-453 Safety Data Sheet.

To apply, pour the mixed leveling compound and spread using a smoothing trowel. Even surfaces are easily achieved using a pin leveler. In higher thicknesses using a spike roller is recommended. Contact to vertical structures should be avoided by putting in an edge strip. If a second layer of leveling compound is to be applied, prime the first layer with Armstrong Flooring S-454 Prime Strong Porous, diluted 1:1 with water, after drying. The maximum layer thickness must not be exceeded in case of two layer applications. The second layer must not exceed the layer thickness of the first layer. Protect curing layers from high ambient temperatures, direct sunlight and draughts. Allow complete cure before flooring is installed.

Armstrong Flooring S-453 Level Strong contains Portland cement and sand aggregate. Only use S-453 with approved Armstrong Flooring products. Do not install below 41°F surface temperature. Concrete floors must be free of excess moisture and/or alkali. In cases of excessive moisture, the use of Armstrong Flooring S-452 Seal Strong may be applied. If covering S-452 Seal Strong with S-453 Level Strong or S-456 Patch Strong, priming with S-455 Prime Strong Non-Porous is necessary.