Armstrong S-490 Floor Stripper NO LONGER AVAILABLE - See Alternatives

  • Armstrong S-490 Floor Stripper NO LONGER AVAILABLE - See Alternatives
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Mfr. Part No:00490408
This item is no longer available.

Product Description

Armstrong S-490 Vinyl Floor Finish Stripper is replaced with safer finish removal solutions for Armstrong Commercial Flooring. Choose Hilway Direct Allsafe Stripper in a 1.33 Gallon size (HD-STRP133G-ORMD)  or  Armstrong New Beginning Extra-Strength Floor Stripper, in a Half-Gallon size (S-326) to safely strip floor finish or remove heavy dirt from the floor. Dilute according to label instructions on each recommended product and adjust dilution rate for light or heavy duty floor stripping.

Though no longer available, the instructions and information for Armstrong S-490 Commercial Vinyl Floor Stripper is as follows - Armstrong Commercial Vinyl Stripper strips and cleans the vinyl floor at the same time. The Armstrong Stripper softens layers of old polish in just 5 minutes. Armstrong Commercial Vinyl stripper is a low solvent and low odor formula. Do not use on Linoleum floors. Stripping is the process of removing existing layers of sealer and finish and should only be performed when routine daily/periodic procedures are no longer effective.


1. Scrub floor with a properly diluted stripping solution using a single disc floor machine (300 rpm or less) equiped with a scrubbing pad (3M blue/green or equal) or equivalent scrub brush.

2. Always remove the dirty stripping solution with a wet vacuum or mop.

3. Thoroughly rinse the floor with clean water and allow to dry.

MOPPING: To strip polish - one quart per 3 quarts of water To strip sealer - use a 1:1 dilution

SPREAD AND SOAK: Spread over a moderate-size area Soak for 5 minutes

SCRUB: Scrub at low speed Use 3M green scrubbing pad or equal or Scrub-Grit brush or equal Coarser brushes or pads are too abrasive

CLEAN: Vacuum spent solution Rinse thoroughly with clear water Vacuum again

FINISH: Let the floor dry Apply 3 to 5 coats of S-480 Armstrong Floor Polish

Armstrong-490 MSDS