WOCA Invisible Oil Primer (step 1)

WOCA Invisible Oil Primer (step 1)Zoom
Mfr. Part No:526025A
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Product Description

Use Woca Invisible Oil Primer, 2.5 liter, to prime untreated, new or newly-sanded light wood flooring surfaces where an 'untreated' natural appearance is desired.

Invisible Oil Primer is the first step before treating hardwood floors with Invisible Oil. Applying Invisible Oil Primer ahead of Woca Invisible Oil prepares the wood floor to achieve excellent adhesion of the Invisible Oil to achieve a natural untreated aesthetic. For initial application of Invisible Oil, always start with Invisible Oil Primer and plan to apply Woca Invisible Oil Care as a top coat 7-days after Invisible Oil application.

What sets the Woca Invisible Oil treatment apart from other Woca oil wood floor products is the freshly sanded, untreated appearance that results. Recommended for lighter wood species, Invisible Oil, Primer and Care are neutral, won't add color to the floor, leaving the wood floor with an ultra-matte natural appearance as if it were untreated. With Woca Invisible Oil the untreated appearance is supported by the natural oils that absorb into the floor creating a wood surface that is truly resistant to water, coffee, tea, and red wine thereby minimizing the possibility of staining on the floor. When properly treated, the light wood floor is left with an easy to clean and maintain surface that is soft to touch. Follow Woca instructions for routine cleaning with Natural Soap White and periodic cleaning with Intensive Wood Cleaner and Invisible Oil Care.

Woca Invisible Oil Primer:
  • For lighter wood varieties before applying Invisible Oil
  • Step 1 for a natural untreated appearance
  • Resistant to liquid spills
  • IBR-Certified
  • Coverage: 215 to 323 square feet per 2.5L container
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • 3 - 4 hours dry time before applying Invisible Oil
Follow procedures using all (3) steps - Invisible Oil Primer, Invisible Oil & Invisible Oil Care. Read full product label, Woca Invisible Oil Primer Technical Data Sheet and Invisible Oil Primer SDS before use. Instructions for application are detailed on the technical data sheet along with indoor temperature guideline to acclimate, use and store product before, during and after use. Clean tools with warm water following application.