WOCA Invisible Oil (step 2) - 2.5L

WOCA Invisible Oil (step 2) - 2.5LZoom
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Woca Invisible Oil, 2.5 liter, is particularly well-suited for machine polishing of light wood varieties, both untreated and newly-sanded, to achieve a natural, untreated look for hardwood floors when used together with Woca Invisible Oil Primer. The Invisible Oil wood treatment process protects hardwood flooring, resists liquid spills and retains a breathable soft-feel surface with a neutral unfinished appearance. Applying Invisible Oil is the second step in a high quality water-based oiling system when used together with Woca Invisible Oil Primer and Invisible Oil Care. Woca Invisible oil does not contain any color.

Woca Invisible Oil:
  • Provides an ultra-matte, 'untreated' wood floor appearance
  • Resistant to liquids including water, coffee, tea, red wine
  • IBR-certified
  • Coverage is 800 - 1075 sf per 2.5L container of Woca Invisible Oil
  • Ready for light use in 24 hours
  • Full Cure: 7 days
  • Product Shelf Life: 3 years
Do not expose newly treated floor to water or other liquids during the 7 days following application. Top coat with Woca Invisible Oil Care after 7 days Easy routine cleaning with Woca Natural Soap White. Periodic maintenance with Woca Invisible Oil Care & Intensive Wood Cleaner. Follow complete use instructions as shown on the Woca Invisible Oil technical data sheet and on the product label. Safety information is provided on the SDS for Woca Invisible Oil.

It is important to maintain room and floor temperature between 59°F and 86°F, air humidity at approximately 50% and wood humidity not to exceed 12%. Good room ventilation is required for optimal oil evaporation and dry time. Prime wood floor with Invisible Oil Primer and sand with a bordeaux sanding pad or a lacquer sanding pad then thoroughly vacuum clean the surface before applying Invisible Oil. Always test a less visible area to check for compatibility of the surface with the product before full use.

Shake and mix product as directed. Apply Invisible Oil with a short-bristled paint roller in an even coat. Work in small areas, leaving oil to soak into wood for up to 5 minutes before rubbing oil into wood. Apply until floor appears saturated. Use a buffing machine with beige or bordeaux pad, changing buffing pad frequently to prevent oil from lumping. Remove excess wood floor oil with dry, lint-free cotton cloths or pads attached to the polishing machine until the surface no longer appears wet. This is summary of application instructions. See product label and information sheet for full use directions. Clean tools with warm water after application.