Woca Diamond Oil ACTIVE White - 2.5L

Woca Diamond Oil ACTIVE White - 2.5LZoom
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Product Description

Single coat high quality wood floor oil, Woca Diamond Oil Active WHITE 2.5L, to achieve a comfortable, non-slip hardwood floor that easily repels spills and stains, is easy to clean and maintain. Diamond Oil Activeis low-odor and provides floor with a natural dirt repellent finish. Diamond Oil Active WHITE has high solids to apply in fewer coats, making it a quicker application. Foot traffic on floor in 24 hours. Full cure 5-7 days. Rags and pads used for oil application must be soaked in water to prevent self-igniting.
  • 1-coat Application
  • Resistant to spills and stains from water, coffee, wine & more
  • Scratch & scuff resistant
  • Creates a beautiful, breathable wood surface
  • For indoor floors only
  • Commercial or Residential hardwood floor treatment
  • Application Tools: paint roller, floor machine
  • Apply to: Untreated, new or newly-sanded wood floors, including those pretreated with Woca Lye. Use on any wood species.
  • Coverage, per 2.5L: 530 - 675 square feet
  • Initial Dry Time: 24 hours
  • Complete Cure: 3 - 5 days
  • Store containers at +50-77°F. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight. Do not allow product to freeze.
  • Safety Data: Woca Diamond Oil Active SDS
  • Woca Diamond Oil Active Technical Data Sheet
  • Complete Woca Application Instructions for Woca Diamond Oil Active
Overview for How to Prepare & Apply Woca Diamond Oil Active:
Sand wood floor to 100-120 grit then clean floor with Woca Intensive Wood Cleaner. Allow about 8-hours for wood floor to dry before applying oil. Apply Diamond Oil Active with a paint roller, using a brush as needed to get into corners and floor edges. Allow oil to dwell 10-15 minutes. Buff into floor with rotary floor machine and white pad. Polish off all excess oil. Hand polish edges and corners as needed. For added luster, buff 3oz per 100sf into floor within 6-12 hours after initial application. Floor can be used with care after 24 hours. Allow 3-5 days for full cure. Do not allow water or cleaner on floor until after 5-7 days have passed and oil is completely hardened.