US Floors, Residential - Commercial

US Floors, Residential - Commercial
Find recommended floor cleaning, finishing and protection products for US Floors unique and sustainable flooring because proper cleaning and maintenance will help to retain the natural looking floor finishes whether you habe a residential or commercial floor from US Floors. Cleaning US Floors COREtec Plus® luxury vinyl plank floors, Castle Combe Hardwood oil treated floors, Natural Wood™, Natural Cork™, or Natural Bamboo™ flooring can be done easily with the right floor cleaning products as outlined in each of US Floors maintenance guides. Look for the residential or commercial floor care directions based on your specific floor. Flooring manufacturer recommended cleaners or floor finishes will provide the best cleaning job on your floor so look for the right type of floor cleaners, oils or finishes in the US Floors sections of
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As a division of Shaw Industries, US Floors, provides clear guidelines for cleaning your eLVT, oiled wood or natural wood, cork or bamboo floors. Each set of guidelines is specific to the type of floor you are cleaning in your home or business. The most frequently used floor cleaning guide is the Residential Maintenance Guide for COREtec Plus which calls out the use of a neutral floor cleaner, such as Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner in a concentrated solution that dilutes with water, or Shaw r2x Hard Surface Flooring Cleaner that is sold in a ready to use spray bottle or gallon refill. Choosing one of these proven cleaning solutions for the Coretec floors in your home will provide a fresh clean without streaking or leaving any residue on the floor. The US Floors cleaning guide outlines the best way to keep your COREtec floors fresh and clean.

Commercial use COREtec luxury vinyl floors, manufactured by US Floors, have their own cleaning and floor finishing guidelines from the flooring manufacturer. The commercial floor care instructions include auto scrubber instructions and floor finish application information using Neutral Cleaner and Matte Floor Finish by Hilway Direct. Commercial COREtec Plus floors in schools, healthcare facilities, retail stores will benefit from following the US Floors maintenance guide for cleaning and floor protection in commercial environments.

For Castle Combe oil finished wood flooring, US Floors recommends using Woca Soap for routine maintenance and Woca Refresher, Master Oil or Colour Oil for periodic maintenance. Oil finished wood flooring is treated much differently than urethane coated wood floors so you may have questions about using Woca oiled wood care products. Call or send an email to 1877FloorGuy Customer Support for guidance on the right Woca product and how to use it on your oil treated wood flooring.

When it comes to US Floors Natural Cork & Bamboo floors with an Endura AR® finish & hardwood floors that are finished with an Aluminum Oxide or UV-Cured finish, routine cleaning with a wood-safe floor cleaner such as Bona Professional Series or Hilway Direct Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is the best way to go. These natural floors are durable but need to be cleaned with the right type of cleaner that will not streak, leaves no residue on the floor, and will not harm the floor's factory applied finish. For cork, bamboo and hardwood, or any hard surface floor, regularly sweeping to remove small pieces of dirt, crumbs and tracked-in debris will go a long way as it helps to prevent scratching that can dull a floor's natural luster.