US Floors, Residential - Commercial

US Floors, Residential - Commercial
US Floors manufactures unique, sustainable and beautiful floors for residential and commercial environments. Their product offerings include engineered LVT, natural cork, bamboo and oiled wood flooring. 1877FloorGuy features a broad selection of essential care products to maintain the different types of floors from US Floors Residential and USF Contract Commercial flooring. USF Contract floors often use the same cleaning products as residential US Floors however methods for cleaning and polishing may vary in the home vs business environments. Natural Cork™, Natural Bamboo™, COREtec Plus® , Castle Comb® and Natural Wood™ are US Floors® brand name flooring products. When selecting the right cleaner or finish to put on your specific floor from US Floors, know your type of flooring and where it's being used, such as at home or in a busy retail or healthcare facility.
For COREtec Plus eLVT plank or tile luxury vinyl floors, USF recommends Hilway Direct Floor Maintenance Products for both home and business environments. To clean and protect the floor use Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner and Matte, Satin or Plus flooring finish. For residential use, USF includes Bona STL spray cleaner as an approved option for routine cleaning of COREtec residential LVT. Residential COREtec Plus luxury vinyl flooring may not always need a field-applied finish depending on the use and if you like the factory finish sheen level.

US Floors Natural Cork and Bamboo flooring is easy to care for with Bona or Hilway Direct for urethane-finished hardwood. Bona's complete line of hardwood floor cleaning and polishing products are safe and effective on Natural Cork and Natural Bamboo floors and the Bona mop sets are convenient and durable for continued use in routine daily or weekly cleaning.

When it comes to US Floors residential Castle Comb or commercial-use Natural Wood oiled wood flooring, special care procedures are outlined to maintain the natural luster of the oiled wood. To clean and maintain, whether commercial or residential, US Floors calls for the use of Woca Oiled Wood Floor maintenance products. Since oiled wood is a different type of floor, it can be confusing to find the right products from the complete selection of Woca that's available at 1877FloorGuy. Woca Wood Soap or Woca Oil Refresher are appropriate for routine cleaning of oil finish Castle Comb or oiled Natural Wood floors. Woca Maintenance Oil or Woca Master Oil are used for occasional floor maintenance procedures to keep oiled floors looking their best.

At 1877FloorGuy, we stay in close contact with flooring companies like US Floors in order to provide our customers with the most up to date floor care and maintenance information. If you are unsure about which US Floors cleaner to purchase, you can always reach out to us for answers to your individual questions.