US Floors Cork & Bamboo

US Floors Cork & Bamboo
Natural Cork and Natural Bamboo floors are manufactured for strength and sustainability by US Floors for use in residential or commercial flooring. They are engineered flooring products made with durable, natural materials and are Greenguard Certified and eligible for LEED points for an eco-friendly approach. Natural Cork and Natural Bamboo floors are warrantied for residential and light to medium commercial use. Maintenance is the same for residential and commercial environments, but frequency will vary depending on use and traffic. US Floors recommends using cork safe floor cleaning and polishing products on Natural Cork flooring materials. RigoStep Cleaner and Polish are no longer available and US floors doesn't provide a specific replacement product, just that you choose a cork approved maintenance product for you home or business cork floors.
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In order to preserve the durability, resilience and attractive look of your US Floors Natural Cork and Natural Bamboo floors, you should implement a routine and deep clean maintenance system that honors their unique Endura UV-Cured Finish. Natural Cork floors should be cleaned with gentle yet effective cork cleaners that will not expose the flooring to excess moisture that could compromise its strength and luster. Never wet or damp mop your Natural Cork or Natural Bamboo floor.

Use only cleaners specified for use on pre-finished hardwoods to clean Natural Cork floors; there are no specific product recommendations by US Floors. Read the US Floors Maintenance Instructions for more information or contact 1877FloorGuy if you have questions about US Floors Natural Cork and Bamboo Cork cleaning and maintenance.