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Product Description

Color coded mop pads reduce the risk of cross-contamination in places where bacteria and germs spread easily such as schools and health care facilities. When used with the tab-style commercial mop and a quality 2-bucket system, these substantial Tab Mop Covers provide a durable, effective way to clean hard surface floors and they are machine washable up to 200 cycles. (Tab Mop assembly and bucket system sold separately.)

Tab mop pads are 7" x 18" loop end microfiber construction with a 16 inch tab spread. Fits a 15-1/4 in x 4-3/8 Tab-Mop base. Available in 5 colors- blue, red, yellow, green and white:
Red mop pad: HIGH-GERM RISK SURFACES (toilets and urinals)
Yellow mop pad: FIXTURES, TOUCH SURFACES, low-risk (sinks and mirrors)
Green mop pad: FOOD SERVICE
White mop pad: SPECIAL APPLICATIONS (floor finish)

For Use On: All types of hard surface and resilient floors in Commercial and Institutional Facilities.

Instructions For Use:
 To attach mop pad to mop base, pull mop pad tabs under tab holders on each end of the mop base. Press tabs down firmly to hold the mop pad in place.
 To rinse and charge pad during floor cleaning, press foot down gently onto the red circular release on mop base. Mop base will fold allowing rinse and ring in mop bucket. After wringing, put easy downward pressure on mop to allow mop base and pad to spread flat on floor. Press "CLOSE" button, next to red circle release, with foot until it clicks and mop pad is ready for mopping. See Illustration:

Care Instructions: Machine wash in warm water up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Use low-alkaline detergent. DO NOT use bleach or or fabric softener. Can be dried in dryer on low heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Air dry for best results.

Works With: MICRO-TABFRAME Tab Style Flat Mop w/ Telescoping Mop Handle, and the MICRO-TROLLEY2 Double Mop Bucket w/Down Press.

Mop frame and mop buckets sold separately.
Mop pads are sold individually.

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