Performance Accessories Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care Kit

  • Performance Accessories Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care Kit
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Product Description

Complete set to clean QUICK-STEP and COLUMBIA FLOORING ORIGINALS floors. Performance Accessories Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care Kit is ideal for quick, complete cleaning of all hardwood and laminate flooring. Included in each kit are essential floor care accessories- mop, cleaning pad, dust pad and 32-ounce ready to use spray bottle of Performance Accessories Hard Surface Cleaner. This all-inclusive kit contains all that is needed for routine cleaning of your home's wood or laminate flooring.

Trusted Performance Accessories spray cleaner is biodegradable and leaves behind no residue. Fantastic for cleaning laminate flooring on stairs, in hallways, kitchens and throughout your house. The included mop covers are machine washable flat mop pads for eco-friendly, economical use many times over. For best results, do not use fabric softener and lay mop pads flat to dry.

Mop Assembly Instructions: Mop handle comes in four pieces requiring minor assembly. Unscrew (but don't remove) plastic cap on threaded insert of one mop handle section. Put threaded insert w/plastic cap into the end of another section of mop handle and twist until tight. Repeat for other two connections then snap onto mop base. To attach mop cover to mop base for use simply put mop cover on the floor, white side up, and place the mop base onto it and press firmly to secure.

Damp Mop Directions: Attach blue cleaning pad to mop. Spray cleaner onto mop pad until damp, not too wet. Wipe over a small section of floor with prepared mop. Cleaner should dry almost instantly. Continue to spray and mop until floor is cleaned.

Dust Mop Directions: Put dust mop pad onto mop assembly and lightly brush over floor to pick up dust. If dirt and debris are visible it's best to sweep or vacuum floor so small particles do not scratch flooring surface.