HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner Care

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner Care
Remove dirt, spots and spills on your carpet or rugs with these Host Carpet and Rug Cleaner products. Featuring a unique dry cleaning method, each residential Host carpet cleaning product lets you deep clean your carpets and rugs with zero dry time. Host uses a dry extraction method of carpet cleaning that leaves carpets only slightly damp, so they dry quickly for immediate use after cleaning. This method also eliminates carpet stiffness and crunching, which is common among most carpet cleaners that leave behind a soapy residue.
Host Dry Carpet & Rug Cleaning Kit
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HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner 6lb Box
$31.10, 2/$55.98
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HOST Spot Remover, 8 oz
$9.05, 4/$32.60
HOST Odor Exploder, 8 oz
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Host carpet cleaner is made from 100 percent plant-based resources (and a bit of water) for an effective, safe and eco-friendly way to give your rugs and carpets a clean refresh. Host's methods work better than hot water or steam methods and are preferred for their ability to significantly remove dust mites and mold from deep within the carpet while emitting a fresh, clean scent that's mild but not overpowering.

1877FloorGuy has a variety of Host Dry Carpet Cleaner options for your home or facility, including the complete Host Dry Carpet & Rug Cleaning Kit. Note that Host also offers commercial products that we do not carry at 1877FloorGuy, but Host residential carpet cleaners may be used in commercial environments.