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Mannington Wood Floor Touch-Up Kit
Mfr. Part No:CCK
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Product Description

Special Order Wood Floor Touch-up Kit is assembled to coordinate with your specific Mannington hardwood floor. IT WILL TAKE 4-WEEKS TO RECEIVE THIS ITEM. IT IS NOT REFUNDABLE.

This Mannington wood touch-up set allows you, the homeowner or flooring installer, to make small repairs to scratches or scrapes on Mannington Hardwood Floors in your home. Each set of wood refinishing tools is selected by Mannington to blend with the colors and patterns in each Mannington wood floor. Hardwood floors have graining and color variations naturally so the patchal pencil and stain marker included in the set will be used separately or together, depending on the repair at hand, and blended into the floor to achieve the best coordination and most natural likeness for your individual floor wood color and pattern. Each set includes 1 or 2 patchal pencils which are similar in appearance to crayons and 1 stain marker along with instructions for use. The number of patchal pencils included depends on the wood tone and finish. The selection of one or two wood toned patchal pencils is decided by the Mannington wood specialist who coordinates these wood floor repair sets.

The special Patchal Pencil, included in the kit, allows you to quickly fill in holes and scratches in your wood floor and then blend using a dry cloth or your finger to resemble the wood tone. Use the included touch-up Stain Marker for adding detail, such as grain lines, to the wood repair or to improve the appearance of blemishes, worn edges and minor scratches on your Mannington wood flooring. If this process is new to you, try it on a sample piece of wood flooring or in an inconspicuous area for your first application.

Accurately providing the Mannington flooring brand pattern name, color and part number helps to minimize delays in providing you with the right tools for fixing minor damages on your Mannington hardwood floors. Each Mannington wood floor touch-up set is special order. ALLOW 4-WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. A 1877FloorGuy Customer Support Representative will contact you if any questions arise when you order a Mannington Hardwood Floor Touch Up Kit.

SPECIAL ORDER. CANNOT be returned or refunded. Check your flooring information carefully before ordering.