Professional Floor Cleaning Tips

Professional Floor Cleaning Tips
You don't have to hire a costly janitorial service to get your floors sparkling like a professional. Use these floor cleaning tips and professional floor cleaning equipment suggestions to thoroughly restore your floor's beauty, luster and cleanliness yourself.
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  • Think like a professional: Many of the tools used by professionals, such as commercial mops and floor machines, are available to homeowners and small business owners to buy or rent. Skip hiring a professional carpet cleaner and rent a carpet machine from your local commercial cleaning supply store or look for a nearby store that rents the Host Dry Clean Machine to get professional results without the high price tag. You may also rent efficient floor cleaning machines and use cleaning pads if you want to attack large or severely soiled residential hard surface floors.
  • Invest in tools: Stock your residential cleaning closet with tools used by janitorial professionals, like commercial mops by O-Cedar, Libman and Bona. These tools are designed for medium to large, more in-depth jobs and are uniquely engineered to get floors squeaky clean or provide a smooth finish application while reducing worker fatigue. We recommend purchasing a quality two-part bucket, like the Libman Pro, when you need to keep wash and rinse water separate. Grab an affordable door wedge or door stop from 1877FloorGuy to keep doors securely open while cleaning.
  • Invest in quality cleaners: Choose professional-grade floor cleaners by industry leaders if you want to be sure your residential floors are getting commercial-level treatment. Thoroughly read the maintenance instructions and care products suggested by your floor manufacturer to be sure you're using the appropriate products for your floor's finish. For the best hardwood floor care, stick with trusted name brands like Bona, Basic Coatings, Woca and Hilway Direct and never saturate wood flooring. Remember, many floor manufacturers have their own cleaning products or call out cleaning products by name in their care instructions.
  • Implement a maintenance system: Professional cleaning crews typically abide by a standard floor maintenance schedule: weekly cleanings, quarterly waxing and refinishing and so on. Using the information supplied by your flooring manufacturer, set up your own professional-caliber floor maintenance routine and follow it!
  • Think beyond cleaner: There are so many unique products on the market designed to help you spiff and shine your floors like a professional. If you're dealing with dingy or stained grout in the kitchen or bathroom, revitalize using Grout-Aide Markers that cover grout stains quickly without harsh fumes or chemicals. Similarly, the Grout Gator Extension Pole can help you apply cleaners to grout lines professionally and easily. We carry unique wood filler products that allow you to fix cracks and joints in your floors yourself. Check out Dr. Schutz ScratchFix for DIY floor filler solutions that will help you repair surface scratches on vinyl flooring like a professional.
  • Protect floors: All good professionals invest in a floor maintenance program to protect floors against scuffs, scratches, nicks and dents. Stock up on floor savers, furniture slides and glides and furniture floor protectors - all available at 1877FloorGuy - so you don't have to worry about dealing with serious floor damage that can easily be prevented.