Prevail Scratch Remover, 22oz Spray

  • Prevail Scratch Remover, 22oz Spray
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Mfr. Part No:MFLPRKSR22
Brand:Prevail Metroflor

Product Description

Fix floor scratches and minor scuffs on Metroflor LVT flooring with easy spray and wipe scratch remover and improve the appearance of floor shine. Intended for use in small areas, Prevail™ Scratch Remover, 22oz Spray conceals and reduces the appearance of fine particle abrasion, minor surface scuffs and scratches on factory finished luxury vinyl tile and plank by Metro floor.

For Use On: All Metroflor® luxury vinyl tile and plank floors. Residential & Commercial. Note: For use on original factory finish ONLY.

Directions For Use:
Read Product label & Flooring Maintenance Instructions prior to use and test product in an inconspicuous area.

Preparation: Sweep or vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris and clean with 1-Step Neutral Cleaner in area to be treated with Scratch Remover.

Application: Shake well. Lightly mist the affected area, working in sections no larger than 1 square foot at a time. Do not over-apply or allow product to pool. Do not walk on the floor while it is wet with Prevail™ Scratch Remover. Allow sprayed Scratch Remover to stand for 1 minute, then wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth, rubbing in the direction of the grain until scratches are completely concealed.

For use on original factory finish ONLY.

SDS: Prevail Scratch Remover Safety Data Sheet