Prevail METROFLOR Neutral Cleaner Spray, 22-Ounce

  • Prevail METROFLOR Neutral Cleaner Spray, 22-Ounce
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Mfr. Part No:PR-RTU-22
Brand:Prevail Metroflor

Product Description

As a stand alone floor cleaning method or paired with Prevail's concentrated neutral cleaning solution, this ready to use spray cleaner in a 22 oz spray bottle is an excellent way to clean all of your Metroflor Luxury Vinyl flooring in a short amount of time.

Approach cleaning with this pH neutral cleaner solution as a simple spray and wipe process. Spray Prevail Cleaner on a small section of LVT and wipe with a microfiber flat mop. Continue this process across the entire floor that requires cleaning. To gauge the right amount of cleaner to use, the vinyl flooring should never look glossy wet with cleaner and should dry a few moments after mopping. Vary the amount of spray until you get the feel for how much is just right.

Cleaning luxury vinyl flooring with neutral cleaner this way will provide sparkling clean results and dry floor in a very short amount of time so you can be back in action quickly.

Your best results will be when you clean start to finish with a fresh microfiber cleaning pad. Keeping two or more pads on hand means you'll have one ready to use whenever you need it. Since they are machine washable, you can launder the mop pad after use and have it ready when you mop your floor next time.

When a spill occurs, wipe it off the floor right away and use the Prevail Neural Cleaner Spray in the 22 oz bottle to spray the area. Wipe it up with a clean cloth or paper towel. Staying on top of spills will help to contain the mess for a healthy clean environment.

Metroflor recommends the use of Prevail cleaning products on all of their resilient flooring products.

Prevail SDS provide Safety Data information for Ready to use Neutral Cleaner for Metroflor LVT.