Odorcide ORIGINAL 210 Concentrate, 16 oz

Odorcide ORIGINAL 210 Concentrate, 16 ozZoom
Brand:Odorcide 210
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Original Odorcide 210 in a 16-ounce Concentrate, provides an odor-fighting formula to truely eliminate strong, foul odors including smells from garbage, urine, smoke, mold, pets and more. Original Odorcide is a strong, safe odor neutralizing formula that completely eliminates a wide range of odors on carpeting, upholstery and hard surface floors. Odorcide will not harm any water-safe surface and can be used for one-time odor removal or ongoing maintenance of malodors. Increase or decrease dilution based on the intensity of the odors at hand. Dilute Odorcide 210 into a spray bottle, carpet cleaning machine, floor autoscrubber or in a bucket diluted with water for use in floor mopping. Typical use will require 1/2-ounce concentrate per gallon of water. Concentrated Original formula Odorcide 210 has a strong scent yet leaves a mild pleasant smell in the air and on the treated surface after being diluted with water for use. Also available in larger 1-gallon container.