Odorcide 210 Laundry, concentrate, Gallon

Odorcide 210 Laundry, concentrate, GallonZoom
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Brand:Odorcide 210
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Product Description

Odorcide 210 Laundry, in a 1-Gallon Concentrate will treat up to 512 loads of laundry! Effective for all laundering applications to remove light to extreme malodors. Sold as a concentrate, the product can be added to the presoak or auto-soak cycle, or directly with laundry detergent.

  • Pre-treatment in a presoak for heavily contaminated items.
  • Ongoing and optimal performance every time you machine wash clothing, towels, or other items.
  • Hospitality & Institutional laundering of linens & towels.

  • Directions for Use:
    For pre-laundry soak:
    Add Odorcide at the dilution rate of 1 to 256 (1/2 oz per gallon with water or usual cleaning/sanitizing solution). After testing for colorfastness, soak contaminated materials in the mixture for a short time and then wash as usual.
    For use in standard washing machines:
    Add Odorcide at the dilution rate of 1/2 oz Odorcide per load of laundry. This should be applied in the pre-soak cycle of the machine unless machine instructions advise otherwise for additives. Odorcide can be used in conjunction with other product with the exception of bleach. If you are cleaning clothing that requires bleach and you would like to use Odorcide to deodorize, follow the pre-soak directions.
    When washing pre-treated items:
    Follow standard washing machine directions above. Odorcide Laundry is an additive, not a detergent. Product is safe for use with detergents, fabric softeners, disinfectants and other laundry additives.

    For optimal performance, add Odorcide Laundry every time you wash at the following rates for standard loads:
    • Light odor loads: Add Add 1/4 oz
    • Moderate odor loads: Add 1/2 oz
    • Extreme odor loads: Add 1 oz
    • Odorcide Laundry can be added directly with the detergent or during the auto-soak cycle.
    • Safe for use on any surface. Follow product label directions. Contains water, proprietary essential oil blend and preservatives.
    • Odorcide Laundry Technical Info Sheet
    • Effectiveness decreased when using with Chlorine solutions.
    • Always spot test for color fastness.
    • Safety Data Sheet: Odorcide 210 Laundry SDS