MIRACLE Water Ring & Scratch Remover for Stone Tile, 4-oz

  • MIRACLE Water Ring & Scratch Remover for Stone Tile, 4-oz
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Brand:Miracle Sealants

Product Description

Here is a fast effective way to remove light scratches and water rings from marble, terrazzo and many other stone surfaces while enhancing the natural shine. The water ring & etch remover from Miracle Sealants is a ready-to-use polishing compound that comes in a 4 ounce container for use to restore shine to polished marble, limestone and other natural stone surfaces in your home when they have been damaged by minor scratching or water stains.

Miracle Sealants Water Ring & Etch Remover is a non-oxalic acid that is safe to use on many stone surfaces. The unique blend of polishing chemicals and mildly abrasive powders are designed to remove water rings, acid etching and light scratches to repair the integrity of natural stone counter tops, floors, vanities and more.

Coverage depends on several factors including the stone surface's porosity and texture. When used as directed, the 4-ounce jar of Water Ring & Etch Remover will cover approximately 37.5 up to 75 square feet of stone surface area.

Use on indoor or outdoor marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo and other natural stone surfaces except for granite and synthetic stone materials. This 4oz polishing compound is not intended for heavy scratches or gouges but for repairing minor imperfections as noted on the product use instructions.

Directions for Use:
  1. This product is to be used directly from its container.
  2. Completely remove any waxes, coatings or finishes from stone surface.
  3. Working one small area at a time, wet the surface with clean water. Lightly sprinkle polishing compound onto intended surface and begin to buff in a circular motion with a white buffing pad. Begin with 30-50 strokes. For floor buffing, use a 175 rpm floor machine equipped with the white polishing pad. Stone counters or table tops can be buffed with a 600-800 rpm hand machine. Very small trouble spots can be buffed manually.
  4. When complete, neutralize the polished surface by immediately removing polishing powder compound and follow with rinsing the area thoroughly using Miracle Tile and Stone Cleaner and fresh water or other appropriate Miracle stone cleanser. Agitate cleanser with a soft brush and remove excess cleaning solution with a wet vacuum.
Important notes to consider,
  • While using Miracle's water ring & etch remover, never leave it on the surface for any length of time without constant buffing action to avoid burning the natural stone.
  • Overbuffing may burn the stone surface so start with less and repeat as needed.
  • Protect adjacent surfaces such as wood, masonry or carpeting from contact with or water drips from the buffing and cleaning process.
  • Not intended for use on granite or synthetic surfaces.
  • Always test in an inconspicuous area to determine the suitability of this product for its intended use.
Safety Data: Miracle Sealants Water Ring & Etch Remover SDS