Brand:Miracle Sealants
No Longer Available

Product Description

White Grout Pen by Miracle Sealants allows you to quickly, easily refresh dingy stained grout. Odorless, non-toxic formula covers unsightly grout stains with white color and acts as a grout sealer to resist mold, mildew and grout joint staining. Non-slip grip and reversible nib make for easy application to brighten old grout lines in your bathroom or kitchen. Can safely be applied to sanded, non-sanded, epoxy grout and mortar joints on stone or tile floors. Always test prior to full use. Follow preparation, application and dry time instructions as provided by Miracle Sealants for the Grout Pen - technical data sheet. Package includes 1 grout pen.
  • When used correctly, a single white Miracle Grout Pen will cover 37 to 145 linear feet.
  • Initial dry time is 60 minutes +/-; Full cure dry time approx 72 hours.
  • Also comes in Buff from 1877FloorGuy
  • For Use On: All Sanded, Non-sanded, Epoxy Grout and Mortar Joints. For Interior and Exterior Use.
  • Safety Data: Miracle Grout Pen SDS
Prior to using Grout Pen:
  • Grout must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, previously applied sealer, lime, hard water deposits, efflorescence, rust and other contaminants. Test for previously applied sealer by applying a few drops of water to grout. If the water absorbs into and darkens the grout then a sealer/coating has not been used or is no longer effective. If a sealer/coating is present it must be removed before continuing.
  • Coating/Wax Removal: To remove existing coatings and/or waxes use MiravStrip or Finish Sealer Stripper with a grout brush. Extract all dirty remains with a wet vacuum system and allow to dry.
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: To remove lime, hard water deposits, efflorescence, rust and other heavy dirt, grease and grime use Phosphoric Acid Cleaner, HDAC, Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Cleaner or Liquid Poultice as directed. If an additional non acid, deep cleaning is necessary use Liquid Poultice as directed. All strippers and/or cleaners should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water and the materials allowed to dry.
  • Light Cleaning: Use Tile & Stone Cleaner, Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Cleaner or Counter Kleen as directed.
  • Freshly grouted joints must be fully cured, per manufacturer's specification.
  • Porous tile surfaces should be sealed with the appropriate Miracle Penetrating Sealer/Impregnator to prevent surface staining from the Grout Pen. Avoid getting Impregnator on grout to be colored.
With cap in place, shake well before using. Do not apply when temperature is below 50-degrees F or above 80-degrees F. Apply Grout Pen to the grout or mortar joint with it's unique applicator tip using a back & forth motion. Try to limit the amount of colorant that gets onto the pre-sealed tile or stone surface. If you are going from a dark color to a light color, 2 or more applications may be necessary. Allow Grout Pen to dry at least 5 - 10 minutes (time will vary depending on ambient temperature - test before full application). At this time remove colorant residue from the tile or stone surface with water and a nylon scrub pad. Allow a minimum of 2 hours drying time between applications. It should be easily removable from properly sealed porous tile or non-porous tile but bonded permanently to the grout or mortar joint. If Grout Pen is easily removed from grout joint, allow longer curing time. Avoid direct scrubbing on joints for at least 20 days to allow Grout Pen to reach maximum durability. Applied grout will be dry to the touch in 45 - 60 minutes and may be put into service. For optimum results the area should be kept dry and free from staining materials for 72 hours.

Used as directed, Grout Pen will cover 37 - 145 linear feet per pen. Coverage will vary depending on the density, porosity, texture, surface absorption, weather, amount of time solution is left on surface and application methods.