PROTEX Anti-Microbial Safety Mats

PROTEX Anti-Microbial Safety Mats
Essential for your bathrooms, water fountain areas, locker rooms and other commercial spaces where slip and fall incidents are likely, anti-microbial safety mats improve any environment's safety and hygiene. We carry disposable anti-microbial safety mats in a variety of sizes to help protect floors, prevent bacterial buildup and safeguard against accidents in any space where water may accumulate. Disposable mats are made from 75 percent recycled content and use EPA registered materials for an eco-friendly approach.
18" x 20" Disposable Facility Hygiene Mat (box of 6)
30" x 36" Disposable Facility Hygiene Mat (box of 2)
30" x 60" Disposable Facility Hygiene Mat (box of 2)
1877FloorGuy offers disposable hygiene mats that are designed for keeping bathrooms, locker rooms, urinals and hand-sanitizing spaces free of bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and other odor-causing growths. These disposable floor mats are also uniquely constructed to help prevent slips and falls, resulting in a safer and less liable environment. These quality mats are made in the U.S. and feature non-skid backings and extra absorbency for exceptional quality despite being disposable. 1877FloorGuy's friendly customer service agents will gladly assist you in purchasing of anti-microbial safety mats. Contact us if you need assistance.