Coral Duo Entry Door Mats

Coral Duo Entry Door Mats
Coral Duo entry area mats are the hardest working doormats. Coral Duo removes more dirt and moisture than any other type of doormat by using a combination of yarns in alternating stripes of varying textures to more effectively scrape dirt from shoes and rolling equipment and absorb moisture. Coral Duo, 3 ft x 5 ft, has a non-staining vinyl back so it's safe to use on luxury vinyl, hardwood, linoleum and other types of resilient and hard surface floors. Doormat edges are bound with 1-1/2 tapered black rubber, mitered and reinforced at the corners. Made of 75-percent regenerated polyamide yarns, Coral Duo has the same properties as Coral Brush doormats plus added absorption of alternating capillary yarns and more resilient properties from monofilament carpet fibers. This unique combination of carpet materials means more dirt and moisture is absorbed into a Coral Duo entry mat so floors inside stay cleaner and dryer which means fewer scuffs and less slippery spots caused by incoming foot traffic. The carpet fibers are made to bounce back after continued use so they look good long term when cared for with routine maintenance.
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Coral Duo is a commercial entrance matting system used in the highest traffic areas of busy hospitals, shopping malls, airports and other busy public facilities. At, the same durable Coral Duo matting is for sale in smaller doormat sizes for use at busy entry doors of a small business, doctor office or at home.

Like any other floor, Coral Duo door mats require maintenance to continue to provide optimal performance absorbing dampness and dirt. Routine vacuuming, spot cleaning and additional cleaning as needed, and periodic wet spray extraction cleaning for Coral Brush and Coral Duo Entry Door Mat Maintenance -
Vacuum: Remove dry dirt and dust from Coral entry mats by vacuuming on a regular basis. The most effective method is to use an upright vacuum cleaner or a suction only machine with a powered rotating head attachment. Vacuum slowly in all directions to obtain the maximum benefit. Coral Brush and Duo doormats can be removed from their primary location to be vacuumed. Shake rug outdoors as an option before vacuuming. For heavy dirt accumulation, use a wet/dry vacuum first followed with upright vacuum that has a rotating brush.
Spot Cleaning: Using an absorbent pad or a blunt scraper, remove as much loose soiling as possible then treat the soiled area with a spot cleaner safe for use on nylon. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Remove excess water with an absorbent cloth or extraction machine and allow doormat to dry completely before returning it to use.
Additional cleaning as needed with dry extraction or cylindrical brush extraction. After using one of these procedures, remove as much excess water as possible then air dry doormats completely.
 Dry extraction - Apply a natural or synthetic compound that is impregnated with water, detergent and safe-to-use solvents.
 Cylindrical brush extraction - Use an auto-scrub machine with counter-rotating brushes to deliver the cleaning solution and collect the resulting dirty liquid.
Periodic Spray Extraction: Coral Mats should be periodically cleaned using the more aggressive spray extraction technique. This involves removing the dirt that has collected at the base of the carpet fibers to recondition the pile and restoring performance. How often should you should do this depends on various factors including type and amount of traffic and the effectiveness of the regular and daily cleaning. Spray extraction involves using a spray or hot water extraction machine or a 3-in-1 extractor.