Coral Brush Entry Door Mats

Coral Brush Entry Door Mats
Heavy-duty entry doormats - in solid colors - absorbs tracked in moisture, captures dirt from incoming foot and wheeled traffic and retains a clean appearance throughout the day. Coral Brush entry matting is often installed in large commercial entry areas such as in office building lobbies and retail shopping malls as fully installed entry area carpet matting systems to capture dirt and moisture from heavy pedestrian and equipment traffic. At, you can shop for this same heavy duty, water safe carpet in doormat sizes, 2-ft x 3-ft or 3-ft x 5-ft, for use in small offices and at home. Constructed with three types of regenerated polyamide yarns, Coral Brush entry area doormats work hard and look good in high traffic areas even after lots of use. Available at 1877FloorGuy in black or grey, the Coral Brush entry area mat is made for commercial use and is an excellent solution, in large and small doormat sizes, for residential or commercial use.
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This heavy duty doormat is bound on all four sides with a wide 1-1/2 inch tapered rubber edge that is mitered and reinforced at each corner. The backing is made of non-staining vinyl for safe use on hardwood, luxury vinyl floors and other types of hard surface flooring. Many flooring manufacturers recommend entry door matting at each exterior entrance to a home or business in order to reduce dirt that can scratch the floor underfoot and to minimize wet spots on the floor that may be slippery.

Coral Brush and Coral Duo Entry Door Mat Maintenance - Routine vacuuming, spot cleaning and additional cleaning as needed, and periodic wet spray extraction cleaning.
Vacuum: Remove dry dirt and dust from Coral entry mats by vacuuming on a regular basis. The most effective method is to use an upright vacuum cleaner or a suction only machine with a powered rotating head attachment. Vacuum slowly in all directions to obtain the maximum benefit. Coral Brush and Duo doormats can be removed from their primary location to be vacuumed. Shake rug outdoors as an option before vacuuming. For heavy dirt accumulation, use a wet/dry vacuum first followed with upright vacuum that has a rotating brush.
Spot Cleaning: Using an absorbent pad or a blunt scraper, remove as much loose soiling as possible then treat the soiled area with a spot cleaner safe for use on nylon. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Remove excess water with an absorbent cloth or extraction machine and allow doormat to dry completely before returning it to use.
Additional cleaning as needed with dry extraction or cylindrical brush extraction. After using one of these procedures, remove as much excess water as possible then air dry doormats completely.
 Dry extraction - Apply a natural or synthetic compound that is impregnated with water, detergent and safe-to-use solvents.
 Cylindrical brush extraction - Use an auto-scrub machine with counter-rotating brushes to deliver the cleaning solution and collect the resulting dirty liquid.
Periodic Spray Extraction: Coral Mats should be periodically cleaned using the more aggressive spray extraction technique. This involves removing the dirt that has collected at the base of the carpet fibers to recondition the pile and restoring performance. How often should you should do this depends on various factors including type and amount of traffic and the effectiveness of the regular and daily cleaning. Spray extraction involves using a spray or hot water extraction machine or a 3-in-1 extractor.