Door Mat 2-ft x 3-ft Coral Brush, Black 5730

  • Door Mat 2-ft x 3-ft Coral Brush, Black 5730
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Product Description

Heavy duty, solid color Vulcan Black doormat in size 2 x 3 feet has thick tapered black rubber edges and a no-stain vinyl back for use on all flooring types. The thick pile of this commercial quality carpet door mat is a top performer at work or at home. Made with three types of post consumer regenerated fibers that equal one strong door mat, this 2 ft x 3 ft coarse carpet mat is ideal for wiping dirt and wet off shoes before they step on your home or business floors. For high traffic areas, or entrances where water or dirt are likely to to track in, Coral Brush matting may reduce floor scratches and slippery incidents. The Vulcan Black color #5730 fits in with most interior decor. Coral Brush entry doormats do a great job of protecting the floors so small bits of dirt and debris don't scratch the floor underfoot. The Vulcan Black Coral Brush Entry Door Mat in a 2 foot x 3 foot size is a solid black color with no pattern. Ideal to place inside an exterior entrance where people can wipe their feet thoroughly. The strong, coarse carpet fibers of the Coral Bruch entry mat will easily remove most dirt and water that might otherwise track inside. Coral Brush Entrance Mat, 2 ft x 3 ft- Vulcan Black #5730.

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