Floor Installer Tools | Supplies | Equipment

Floor Installer Tools | Supplies | Equipment
Whether you're a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, 1877FloorGuy is the place for floor installer tools, supplies and equipment. We stock a range of useful floor installer supplies at affordable prices with fast, next-day shipping, with free shipping available on orders over $500.
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Our selection of floor installer tools includes a wide variety of Winkelman Leister heat weld tools, ranging from precision welder and fast welder kits to nozzles, blades, groovers and spatula knives.

We also stock basic necessities such as Spray-Lock wall tile adhesive, a water-based acrylic blend spray that lets you install tiles vertically without them sagging. In addition to being easy to use and apply, this product is earth friendly. It's free of solvents and emits no harmful fumes. This versatile spray works on a variety of substrates including metal, wood and existing ceramic tile, to name just a few.

Adhesive molding tape from 1877FloorGuy includes products from premium manufacturers such as Hilway Direct. You'll find our unique molding tape has been designed for ease of use and versatility to make your job easier and to make your results better. Made to cling to wood or laminate floor transitions and starter rows of plank installations, this tape has many other uses in any project requiring strong adhesion. Your only limit is your imagination. This tape is available at an affordable price with quick shipping direct to your door from 1877FloorGuy.

At 1877FloorGuy, we also stock a full line of automatic floor scrubber machines, brushes and pads to make your life and your work easier. We've sorted through all the floor machines on the market to find the ones that are best, based on affordability, versatility, dependability and ease of use. Take a look at our floor machines, which include brands such as Square Scrub, Caddy Clean and Tornado, and we think you'll agree that we've picked the winners. We also stock a full line of brushes and pads for floor machines made by leading manufacturers including 3M and HTC Twister.