How to Clean Grout on Floors

How to Clean Grout on Floors
How to Clean Grout on Floors

Proper grout cleaning is essential for keeping your bathrooms, kitchen or patio looking great. Routine grout cleaning is recommended not only for keeping your floors sparkling, but also for helping to maintain the quality and performance of your specific tile type. Here's how to clean grout the right way. Start by picking your products and then follow our step-by-step grout cleaning instructions for a like-new clean that will bring new life to your floors, showers and more.
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Picking the Right Tile Care Products

1877FloorGuy recommends selecting top-quality tile care products that are designed for your specific type of flooring - quarry tile, ceramic, porcelain, glazed, marble, granite, quartz, terrazzo, travertine, etc. - and your unique environment. You can select indoor or outdoor tile and grout cleaners or select options designed specifically for residential or commercial environments. Tile and grout cleaners by Aqua Mix, Miracle Sealants, DuPont StoneTech, Shaw, Mohawk and Mannington are recommended for deep, thorough tile cleaning.

Grout-Specific Product Recommendations

When you just want to target grout (not tiles), use these grout cleaning products.

  • Grout cleaning brush: Grout Gator Tile Brush. Make grout cleaning easy with this unique grout brush. You can use it to apply your favorite tile and grout cleaners without having to get on your hands and knees to scrub.
  • Quick-fix: Grout-Aide Markers. These unique grout markers provide an easy, safe way to cover grout stains and discoloration. They also disinfect and refresh dinginess as you go and may be used to change your grout color completely. This quick grout cleaner is not recommended as a deep cleaner, but can be used as an incremental grout refresher in-between deep cleans.
  • Cleaning black spots and haze: Aqua Mix Grout Haze Clean-Up. If you've noticed black spots or hazing, this grout cleanup product is for you. It refreshes all kinds of tile by removing cementitious grout haze and latex additive film from tile during the grout cleanup process.
  • Grout coloring: Aqua Mix Grout Colorant Kit. Quickly and affordably color soiled grout for a revitalized clean. This kit includes everything you need to update the grout in your kitchen or bathroom. It comes in 20 colors, so you can either re-color your grout to restore it to its original color or pick a completely new shade.
Step-by-Step Grout Cleaning Instructions

Your specific grout cleaning process will depend on the specific products you choose, but we always recommend beginning with a thorough sweep and testing products before applying to the whole floor. While many people suggest homemade grout cleaners, we strongly discourage this, as it could void your flooring warranty or cause long-term damage to the surface of your floors.

  1. Test all grout and tile cleaners in a small, inconspicuous area before applying to the whole floor. This will ensure that your flooring isn't compromised by the solution.
  2. Thoroughly sweep the floor using a broom to collect all loose particles, dust and dirt.
  3. Thoroughly mop the floor using your microfiber mop or the Grout Gator Tile Brush and your preferred tile cleaner.
  4. Let dry. Do not allow anyone to walk on the floor while your floors are wet.
  5. Follow manufacturer instructions for your chosen type of grout cleaner.