Grout-Aide Marker, Buff

  • Grout-Aide Marker, Buff
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Mfr. Part No:05032
Brand:Grout Aide
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Product Description

Grout-Aide Marker, Buff
Create clean, uniform grout lines and cover stubborn grout stains easily & safely. Quick-drying, contains no harsh chemicals, odorless and no fumes.
NOT for use in shower stalls or areas with high moisture.

Directions For Use:
  1. With cap in place, SHAKE MARKER A MINIMUM OF 2 MINUTES.
  2. Remove cap and depress tip repeatedly on hard surface until paint appears in the tip of the marker.
  3. For thinner coverage, dip marker tip in water while applying.
  4. Apply on grout.
  5. If paint flow decreases during use, repeat step two.
  6. Replace cap after each use.

Coverage: 175 Lineal Feet of average-width grout lines. Coverage will vary depending on porosity and width of grout lines.

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