Forbo Marmoleum Floors: Common Complaints & Cleaning Tips

Forbo Marmoleum Floors: Common Complaints & Cleaning Tips

Forbo Marmoleum Floors: Common Complaints & Cleaning Tips

Have you noticed that your Forbo Marmoleum floors look dull or dingy after cleaning? Or perhaps you've observed that your new Marmoleum flooring appears to display a yellowish hue? These are all common Forbo Marmoleum complaints that can be easily addressed using this Forbo floor cleaning guide and our handy floor cleaning tips.

In some cases, these concerns may work to address the same concerns associated with other brand-name linoleum floors, but you should always thoroughly read any manufacturer's labels before applying them to your floors. 1877FloorGuy carries a broad selection of Forbo floor care products designed to keep your Forbo Marmoleum floors looking and performing at their best.

Forbo Marmoleum Appear Dull & Dirty After Cleaning

COMPLAINT: My Marmoleum floor looks dull and dirty after cleaning with diluted Marmoleum Cleaner.
SOLUTION: Not enough rinsing is usually the culprit. Rinse the floor again, thoroughly and with clean water. This is extremely important. If the cleaner is not completely rinsed, it will leave a residue that attracts dirt.

There's a Dark Circle Under the Dog's Water Dish

COMPLAINT: There's a dark circle on the floor where my dog's water dish sits. How can I fix this?
SOLUTION: This is a water stain that results when water sits in the same place, trapped, for an extended time. Treat the area with a solution of 10 percent bleach diluted with water. Repeat as needed until the stain is gone. Increase the dilution slightly if 10 percent doesn't handle the stain, but do not to go above a 50 percent dilution ratio. Neutralize with a 50 percent white vinegar solution diluted with water. Rinse thoroughly, allow to dry, then apply floor finish as needed.

My Forbo Marmoleum Floors Have a Yellowish Cast

COMPLAINT: My new Marmoleum floor has a yellowish cast.
SOLUTION: Marmoleum flooring, when initially installed, has a yellowish cast, known as ambering. This visual yellowing is only TEMPORARY and is a result of oxidation during the manufacturing process. When exposed to light, the ambering disappears. The process may take only a few hours in bright sunlight but longer with artificial light. Applying a finish over the ambering makes NO difference - it will still dissipate with exposure to light.

General Forbo Marmoleum Floor Care Tips:

  • Invest in high-quality Forbo cleaners, including Forbo neutral pH cleaner, to keep your floors looking their best at all times.
  • Keep leftover pieces of flooring material (including small scraps) after the floor is installed. This eliminates dye lot issues if you need to make a repair with new material. To store, roll leftover material, finished surface facing out, in rolls with 4- to 5-inch interior diameter. Store in a room temperature space such as a closet. The basement and attic are not good storage areas due to extreme temperatures.
  • Refinishing can often be avoided by performing consistent, recommended routine maintenance. The key is consistency.
  • For commercial or residential applications, Marmoleum does not need to be finished right away however it can be finished if a different sheen level is desired.

1877FloorGuy sells Forbo Marmoleum Floor Cleaner & Polish. Our professional, experienced customer service team can answer your floor maintenance questions at 1-877-FLOOR-GUY.

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