Flexi-Felt Industrial Strength Felt Pads

Flexi-Felt Industrial Strength Felt Pads
Quick easy peel & stick felt pad floor protectors protect LVT, hardwood and more from damage caused by the wrong glides on furniture. Protect your LVT, hardwood and more with Flexi-felt industrial grade felt protective pads on chair and table legs to prevent scuff marks and visible scratches on the floor.

Flexifelt's wool blend felt is incredibly durable for extended wear and attaches to furniture with industrial strength adhesive that keeps the pad in place. They're the preferred chair floor protectors for schools, doctor's offices and other businesses.

Flexi-Felt peel and stick felt pads are available in three sizes, 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2" diameter and are sold in quantities of 8 to 500 depending on the pad size.
The patent pending adhesive will hold the round felt pad on the foot of a chair or table strong and true. For most furniture installations, clean off the furniture feet to remove dust and dirt then peel the backing off each felt pad, as you work, and press each one firmly in place. For institutional environments or extremely busy meeting spaces that are especially hard on the furniture, heat activation can be utilized to increase the adhesive strength to over 100 lb of force per square inch making them strong enough to withstand the toughest use.

Though heat activation is not required for these heavy duty felt pads to be top performers, itís good to know this is an option. To use heat activation, use a hot iron on polyester setting and press it on each felt pad, after itís in place on the furniture, for up to one minute then allow the adhesive to completely dry overnight.