Dr Schutz X-tra Fill Wood Filler, 1L

  • Dr Schutz X-tra Fill Wood Filler, 1L
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Brand:Dr Schutz

Product Description

Wood filler blends with fresh sawdust to fill cracks and joints, up to 3/32", on a hardwood floor. Dries in less than 2 hours under normal conditions. Dr Schutz Xtra-Fill wood filler accepts wood stain and finish just like the rest of the hardwood floor. Extra Fill is easy to sand and has excellent filling capacity. For use on hardwood floors that have a subfloor underneath. Watch the video for easy to follow instructions for Dr Schutz X-tra Fill Wood Filler, 1L. The 1-Liter size covers approximately 200 square feet depending upon the size of the wood floor joints being filled. For large wood floor areas, there is a 5-Liter size also available.

For Use On: Hardwood Floors. Use during sanding process.

Directions For Use:
Floor must be sanded and free of oil, wax, dust, and debris prior to applying Dr Schutz Xtrafil.

Shake Xtra Fill bottle thoroughly. Using sanding dust from an edge sander fitted with 60-grit sand paper, mix the fresh sanding dust with X-tra Fill in a clean bucket until it forms a thick paste.

Using a flexible wood spatula, apply the sawdust-xtrafill mixture to the entire wood floor surface area working across the grain in sections. Avoid pooling and puddling of the mixture on the floor. If mixture becomes too thick or dries out during application, add more Xtra Fill to reach desired consistency. Allow floor to dry for approximately 90 minutes under normal conditions. Go back to fill-in missed cracks or gaps in floor. Continue fine sanding floor with 100-grit paper after Xtra Fill application is dry. Dry time may vary depending on humidity and temperature.

Coverage: 200 sf per liter depending on size of cracks to be filled (not to exceed 3/32"), type of wood being applied to as well as temperature and humidity.

Note: Not suitable for elastic assembly (i.e.: board and flooring joists), subfloors, cork flooring and over-wide joints.

Safety Data: Dr Schutz Xtra Fill SDS
Product Information: Dr Schutz X-tra Fill Product Data Sheet