Urine-Off Floor & Upholstery Spray - 16.9 Ounce (500 mL)

  • Urine-Off Floor & Upholstery Spray - 16.9 Ounce (500 mL)
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Use Urine Off® in a 16.9 oz spray bottle to clean and deodorize urine accidents on hard surface floors such as wood and on upholstered furniture. Use as a pre-spotter on carpet before a complete carpet cleaning or as a subfloor treatment prior to laying carpet. Urine Off contains enzymes that eliminate stains and odors caused by urine and it carries the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

Urine Off is an essential tool for the flooring professional or homeowner. The light weight spray bottle is easy to use and is formulated to perform best on wood and other hard surface floors and on upholstery. Excellent solution for spot cleaning urine accidents.


1. Do not dilute or mix with other chemicals!

2. Always agitate before use.

3. Always check on an inconspicuous area for colorfastness.

Note: The Uric acid in pet urine can damage dyes in some carpet fibers. You may see a difference in the color if the fiber has been damaged by the Uric acid, even if the urine is removed.

4. Absorb as much fresh discharge as possible.

5. Use a "Urine Off - UltraViolet Flash Light" urine finder to locate deposits invisible to the naked eye.

6. Thoroughly saturate soiled areas. Urine can spread 4 times the surface area into the pad and sub-floor.

7. Allow the product time to work. For old pet stains, cover the area with a plastic sheet for up to 12 hours. Repeated applications maybe needed to eliminate heavy or old pet urine deposits.

8. Extract the residues with an extractor or rinse well and blot dry.