Congoleum StainGuard Kit

  • Congoleum StainGuard Kit
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Product Description

Intended for use on Congoleum's Zōn flooring in car showrooms or garages where appearance of the floor is important. It's only necessary to apply StainGuard in the area where the tires sit for an extended time. This stain guard kit is intended to cover eight, 2-foot square areas, for tire placement of two vehicles. Congoleum StainGuard Kit is instrumental in preventing stains caused by rubber tires in garage or on automobile showroom floors.

Kit Includes:
  • Stainguard Cleaner Concentrate, 2oz (in a 16 oz bottle to allow space for adding water)
  • Stain guard finish Part A, 200 ml (in a bottle that leaves space for adding Part B before use)
  • Stainguard Accelerator Part B, 50 ml
  • Prep Pad, maroon color
  • 4" finish roller cover
  • Application Procedures

  • For Use On: Congoleum Zōn Flooring

    Directions for Use:
    1. Mark tire placement when car is parked in garage on Zon Flooring. Tape off a 2 foot square area around the marks.
    2. Add water to StainGuard Cleaner Concentrate. Shake well.
    3. Using the diluted cleaning solution and a scrub brush, clean all taped off sections of flooring. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a clean white towel. Do not allow solution to dry on floor.
    4. Scuff the taped off, cleaned areas using the dry maroon prep pad to remove shine and any finish that may be on the floor. Scuff using a circular motion. Typical amount of time spent scuffing each area is approx 4 minutes.
    5. Aggressively shake Finish Part A and Accelerator Part B separately. Add Part B to Part A and shake aggressively again for 4 minutes. Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes after shaking.
    6. Pour mixture into a clean paint roller tray. Saturate the included roller with finish. Apply to each section with roller. Apply generously and evenly taking no more than 3-5 minutes per section because mixed solution must be used within 1 hour of mixing to be effective. Remove tape immediately from one section before moving on to finish the next.Avoid touching-up and re-rerolling over wet finish. Doing so may cause peeling when dry.
    7. Allow 12 hours for finish to set before foot traffic can walk over finished areas. Allow 7 days for finish to fully cure before tires can sit on finished area.

  • Wear protective gloves during use.
  • Tools that will be required and are NOT INCLUDED with this kit: small scrub brush, bucket, clean white towel, 4" roller handle only, paint roller tray, rubber gloves, blue painter tape.

  • Coverage: 32 sq ft . Enough for 8 sections of floor, 2'x2' each or two cars (4 tires each).

    Safety Data:
    Congoleum Stain Guard Finish Part A SDS
    Congoleum Stain Guard Accelerator Part B SDS
    Congoleum Stain Guard Preparation Cleaner Concentrate SDS