1-1/4" Slip Over Floor Savers, 100/pkg

1-1/4" Slip Over Floor Savers, 100/pkg1-1/4" Slip Over Floor Savers, 100/pkg
Mfr. Part No:137-B
Brand:Expanded Technologies
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Product Description

Low profile Slip Over® Floor Savers™ chair leg protector fits classroom style chairs, just over the swivel metal foot of the chair. 100-pack of 1-1/4-inch Slip Over® Floor Savers™ Chair Leg Protectors is the perfect solution for use over traditional metal swivel glides on institutional types of furniture with 1-inch diameter or smaller feet. The 100-pack will outfit 25 chairs. Each slip-over floor saver has a reinforced, commercial quality, heavy-duty felt bottom with flexible vinyl sleeve that fits over the institutional style metal chair foot and stays in place without the need for adhesive or mechanical attachment. Easiest fit is achieved by using the included installation tool. One is included with the package of 100 Slip Over Floor Savers. Additional install tools can be purchased separately.

The Slip Over Floor Saver has a vinyl sleeve that fits snugly furniture glide for a secure fit. NO adhesive involved. This chair leg protector fits over the classic institutional style chair glide. The heavy-duty felt bottom of the Slip Over Floor Saver minimizes floor scratches and noise created by hard plastic or metal furniture legs scraping on the floor. These durable felt pads provide protection against floor scratches.

Use on institutional style metal swivel feet on chairs, tables, and desks. Appropriate for protecting furniture related scratches on hard surface floors such as LVT, Sheet vinyl, VCT, Linoleum, Wood, Finished Concrete and Ceramic Tile.

To install Slip-Over Floor Savers, follow instructions, included with each pack of Floor Savers, to spread inside edges of Floor Saver sleeve using the installation tool. Place tool inside sleeve of Slip-Over Floor Saver and apply to chair foot starting with back edge, pull forward and up. Lift tool up and back to release from Floor Saver.

Slip Over Floor Savers are also available to buy in a smaller packages of 4 or 48 and in a larger 1000 pack.
The 100 and 1000 packs include one installation tool. For large jobs, additional installation tools can be purchased separately.