Installation Tool for Slip-Over Floor Savers

Installation Tool for Slip-Over Floor SaversZoom
Brand:Expanded Technologies
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Product Description

This handy tool is used to install Slip-Over Floor Saver felt-bottom furniture pads onto classroom style chair and table legs. The Slip-Over Tool is a small metal tool with two prongs and hooks on each end that slip into the round flexible opening of the furniture glide to open it enough to then slide the cover onto the chair leg while squeezing the tool after placing it to remove it from the installed floor saver glide.

Steps for use are as follows:
  1. Squeeze the Slip-Over installation tool and insert hooks into the opening of the Slip-Over pad. Stop squeezing the tool and it will stretch the pad opening.
  2. With the top of the Slip-Over pad stretched open, slide it over furniture glide.
  3. Hold the furniture so it doesn't move when you pull back and up with the tool to stretch the Slip-Over pad around the foot of furniture leg. While executing this motion, begin to squeeze the tweezer-like tool.
  4. In a fluid motion, you'll remove the tool, while still squeezing, out of the glide by pushing it towards the furniture leg. This will cause it to disengage.
Floor-saver felt furniture glides are commercial grade. Intended for use in schools, libraries and other institutional facilities. They are also applicable in residential and commercial spaces where they fit the furniture legs properly. No adhesive is needed for installing. Tool is sold separately when ordering a package of less than 100 glides. Each package of 100 or 1000 slip-over furniture floor protectors comes with one install tool. Order additional tools here.