Slip-On Floor Saver, BROWN 1-1/2", 4/pkg

Slip-On Floor Saver, BROWN 1-1/2", 4/pkgZoom
Slip-On Floor Saver, BROWN 1-1/2", 4/pkgSlip-On Floor Saver, BROWN 1-1/2", 4/pkg
Mfr. Part No:136
Brand:Expanded Technologies
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Product Description

Chair leg protector, 4-pack of 1-1/2 inch Brown Slip-On® Floor Savers™ has 1-1/2"h rounded vinyl sides that hold tight over classroom style desk and chair legs with no tools or adhesive to install. Commercial quality heavy-duty rounded felt bottom protects against floor scratches and loud scraping noise. The high profile vinyl sleeve with rounded sides and edges provides ample protection for furniture leg. Slip-On Floor Savers are easy to install, difficult to accidentally remove. Just push each Slip-On Floor Saver into place on chair or desk leg. Package contain qty 4, 1-1/2 inch Brown Slip-On Floor Savers, to outfit 1 chair.
  • 1-1/2" size fits over a 1" to 1-3/8" chair leg.
  • For square legs: Slip-On Floor Saver must be 1/2" larger than chair leg.
Use on metal-leg desks, tables, chairs to protect hard surface floors including LVT, sheet vinyl, VCT, linoleum, wood, ceramic tile.
1-1/2 inch Brown Slip On Floor Savers are also sold in larger packs of quantity 48, 100 and 1000 and in a smaller 1-1/4 inch size chair leg protector.