Protect your Investment in Flooring

Protect your Investment in Flooring
Simple Ways to Protect Your Investment in Flooring

There's no denying it: your flooring was expensive. There are a few tried-and-true things that you can do to protect your hard-surface floors from scratches, nicks, scuffs and general wear and tear. But before you invest in floor protecting products, we always recommend purchasing routine floor cleaners, and polish if applicable, designed specifically for your type of floor and be sure to have a good broom to sweep, or a vacuum with a hard floor setting, to routinely lift everyday dirt and debris from the floor.
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Always reference the manufacturer's instructions to find recommended products suitable for your flooring and follow the care instructions to maintain the beauty, performance and quality of your floors. 1877FloorGuy can help you find the right floor cleaners for hardwood, vinyl, laminate, bamboo, linoleum, rubber flooring and more. Here are a few additional tricks for protecting your flooring investment:

Investment No. 1: Furniture Floor Protectors - One of the simplest ways to preserve the quality of your floors for the long-term is to equip your furniture with felt protector pads. These floor-saving essentials easily attach to the legs of your furniture so that they gently slide across your hard-surface flooring without dragging and causing hard-to-fix scratches and dents. These products come in a huge variety of styles and sizes to match your furniture and are especially useful in dining rooms, home offices and commercial environments such as schools.

We carry the most versatile furniture floor protectors, including heavy-duty peel-and-stick felt pads for chair legs, desks, file cabinets and any other furniture pieces. For larger furniture such as buffets and entertainment centers, you can use a heavy-duty felt pad roll to custom-cut and line the entire bottom of long or oddly shaped furniture. For just a few dollars, you can extend the life of your flooring by several years with these products. In the event that you do encounter the occasional scratch or nick, 1877FloorGuy can help with scratch fixer products like Dr. Schutz ScratchFix.

Investment No. 2: Furniture Slides - No matter how permanent your furniture, there will come a time where you'll eventually want to rearrange or refresh with something new. When you need to move things around, you can use felt-bottom furniture sliders to help you easily and safely move large, bulky furniture items around on any hard floor surface including luxury vinyl, wood flooring, and ceramic tile. Furniture floor protectors (noted above) are best on frequently used items like kitchen chairs, but floor sliders are perfect for those bigger furniture moves that happen only now and again. As an added bonus, furniture slides help to make large, bulky and difficult-to-maneuver furniture amazingly easy to move.  Furniture moving slides for carpet also reduce back strain when moving heavy items across a carpeted floor.

Investment No. 3: Walk-off Mats - One of the keys to ensuring that your flooring maintains its quality and beauty for as long as possible is protecting it from dirt and moisture. You can guard your expensive floors from tracked-in dirt, snow, rain, salt and mud using a walk-off mat. Ideal for commercial and in-home high-traffic areas, these floor-saving mats catch all those scuff- and scratch-causing particles before they're able to enter the rest of your home or business. 1877FloorGuy has commercial-quality and heavy-duty entry door mats available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your specific space.