Kahrs Lacquer Refresher, 1 Liter

Kahrs Lacquer Refresher, 1 LiterZoom
Mfr. Part No:710522
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Product Description

Kahrs Lacquer Refresher brings luster back to the finish of a dull satin or matte Kahrs wood floor. Refresher is easy to use.
The floor can be recoated in the future if needed after this product is used.
Apply Refresher with Kährs mop.

Coverage: approximately 645sf

Application Directions:
1. Remove furniture, rugs, etc. then vacuum, sweep or dust mop.
2. Thoroughly clean floor with Kahrs Spray Cleaner and allow to air dry. *Note: For heavily soiled floors, or if floors have been previously treated with refresher or other polishes, first clean the floor with Kahrs Remover.
3. Apply Refresher with a slightly damp applicator pad in an even layer. Work in sections until the entire floor is finished. Rinse applicator Pad with water.
4. Allow floor to dry at least one (1) hour before walking on the floor. For a glossier floor, a second coat may be applied after two (2) hours. Allow 24 hours before heavy traffic and before replacing furniture, rugs, etc.

*Notes: Read full product label before beginning. Always test a small, inconspicuous area before refreshing entire floor. Do not apply Refresher too thin or streaking will occur. Coat the entire floor to ensure an even appearance. Clean mop pad with warm water and hang to dry.

Safety Data: Kahrs Lacquer Refresher MSDS