How to Clean Marble Tile Floors

How to Clean Marble Tile Floors
How to Clean Marble Tile Floors

Marble tile is one of the most beautiful and luxurious stone flooring options, often preferred by homeowners for its naturally dynamic and colorful specks and patterns. Although it's highly durable, marble can be susceptible to stain penetration and marring. Additionally, marble floors are relatively porous compared to granite and other stones, so you have to be sure to clean up spills - especially food and chemical spills - immediately. Use our marble tile floor cleaning guide to keep your marble kitchen, bathroom or patio floors in tip-top shape.
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Top-Notch Marble Floor Cleaners

Choosing the right marble floor cleaner is essential to your regular cleaning and maintenance program. You need to select a marble-specific cleaner that won't dull the floor's shine or cause scratching. We recommend keeping a bottle of ready-to-use StoneTech Professional Stone & Tile Cleaner beneath the sink to wipe away spills quickly and using the concentrated version for whole-floor cleaning. This product provides a gentle, deep clean using a neutral formula that's safe for marble.

You can trust Miracle Sealants and Aqua Mix products for deep marble cleaning as well. Aqua Mix offers marble problem-solvers, such as Aqua Mix Eff-Ex, which is designed to remove mineral residue and efflorescence from your marble floors. Aqua Mix also offers solutions for removing grout haze from marble floors or thoroughly targeting deeply-set stains that have already penetrated the surface of your marble floors. Most Aqua Mix products are designed for use on non-polished marble, so make sure you carefully read the label before applying to your floors.

You'll also want to tackle your grout using grout cleaners as part of your regular marble cleaning strategy. Explore our selection of stone care products to find grout brushes, grout sealer, grout markers and more products designed to refresh and recolor tired, dingy looking grout. Remember to always avoid the use of bleach, ammonia and vinegar on your marble floors, as these solutions may etch the floors, causing dulling or discoloration. Do not use acidic cleaners on marble floors.

Marble Cleaning Instructions

Fully read the manufacturer's label before use, as each maker has its own particular recommendation for application. You can test cleaners in a small, inconspicuous area prior to use to make sure the solution won't affect the look of your floors. To apply your cleaner, use a soft cloth to ensure that you don't leave behind any scratches or marking. You can invest in a low-priced Bona microfiber mop kit from 1877FloorGuy for safely cleaning marble and other stone floors.
  1. Remove all non-permanent furniture and rugs.
  2. Thoroughly sweep the floors using a soft-bristled broom.
  3. If necessary, dilute concentrated cleaner with warm water according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  4. Apply cleaner of your choice with a damp mop or microfiber mop.
  5. Clean entire area with mop, changing the mop water often to ensure that soil is not redistributed on the floors.
  6. Wipe or rinse the cleaned area.
  7. Let the room dry completely before using.