Guide to Rubber Floor Care

Guide to Rubber Floor Care
Guide to Rubber Floor Care: Cleaning, Maintenance and More

Whether you have designer rubber floor tiles in your office or health facility, or use performance-grade rubber sport flooring in a gym or weight room, it's important that you learn how to care for rubber floors in a way that doesn't damage or compromise the floor's quality and look over time. 1877FloorGuy is on hand to help you find the ideal rubber floor maintenance products to keep floors in tip-top shape over the long-term.

The Basics of Rubber Floor Maintenance

Many facilities prefer rubber flooring products because they don't require a protective wax or floor finish, which makes them a bit more low-maintenance when compared with other types of floors. With that being said, it is still important that users follow a daily cleaning and maintenance routine that helps preserve the quality of the floors. In many cases, maintenance will need to be more frequent following installation, but will require less maintenance over time as a natural protective film builds on the floor's surface.

Top rubber floor care brands like Roppe specifically recommend using furniture floor protectors in spaces where chairs and furniture will regularly come into contact with the floor. Additionally, most rubber floor care brands recommend performing a daily sweep or vacuum in order to ensure that small dirt particles don't abrade the surface of the floor over time. You should also use new or thoroughly cleaned mops and mop pads and your preferred cleaning solution (see below) in order to remove daily dirt and grim buildup.

In large, open spaces, you may want to consider applying cleaning solution with an automatic scrubber machine. Avoid using any scouring pads, pre-treated dust mops, or abrasive brushes or sponges when cleaning rubber floors, as these materials can scratch or damage the surface of rubber flooring. Use soft-bristled brushes and pads on low speeds for the best results.

Top Rubber Floor Cleaners

The best type of floor cleaner for rubber floors is a pH neutral cleaner. Neutral floor cleaners are recommended for cleaning rubber flooring because they provide a deep, thorough clean without dulling the floors or damaging the surface. You want to make sure to avoid any cleaners or solutions with kerosene, gasoline and other solvents, as they can affect the performance and aesthetic of rubber floors. This includes any paint thinners, strippers and acetone-based or highly acidic cleaners.

In many cases, your rubber floor manufacturer will outline approved cleaners that are safe for use on your unique floors. Roppe specifically calls out Excelsior NC-900 Neutral Cleaner, while Johnsonite specifically recommends Diversey, Spartan and XL North maintenance products for caring for their rubber floor lines. Capri Cork & Rubber Floors calls out Hilway Direct products in their cleaning and maintenance guides. Always thoroughly read your floor manufacturer's maintenance instructions to see which type of cleaner it recommends.

Rubber Floor Finishes

Rubber floors can often have finish applied in order to keep them in their best shape. If your flooring manufacturer does not call out a specific finish, choose a rubber floor finish by Diversey, Spartan, XL North or Excelsior that's specifically designed for the finishing of rubber floors.

Remember, if you have any questions about caring for your rubber flooring, you can always reach out to us at 1877FloorGuy for personalized advice.
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