COLUMBIA Flooring Wood | Laminate Care

COLUMBIA Flooring Wood | Laminate Care
Clean Columbia Flooring Originals hardwood or laminate floors with top-quality Columbia hardwood floor cleaner and laminate floor cleaner products from 1877FloorGuy. Columbia specifically recommends the use of Performance Accessories Hard Surface Floor Cleaner for a high-quality way to maintain and clean your Columbia wood floors and Columbia laminate floors without damaging the finish. This brand-recommended Columbia flooring hardwood cleaner is very easy to use and features a residue-free, biodegradable formula for safe, effective cleaning of both hardwood and laminate floors.
Performance Accessories Hard Surface Cleaner, 32oz Spray
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Performance Accessories Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care Kit
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You can also purchase this Columbia laminate and hardwood floor cleaner as part of a complete kit. Specifically designed for cleaning wood and laminate flooring, the Performance Accessories Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care Kit contains a mop set, cleaning mop pad and a dusting mop pad along with a spray bottle of Performance Accessories Hard Surface Floor Cleaner. 1877FloorGuy is always available to help you find the appropriate floor cleaners for your Columbia flooring. Make sure to always follow Columbia's floor maintenance instructions to clean with these top-notch cleaning agents.