Performance Accessories QUICK-STEP Uniclic Installation Kit

Performance Accessories QUICK-STEP Uniclic Installation KitZoom
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Product Description

Floor board installation kit by Performance Accessories is designed for installing QUICK-STEP Uniclic & UniLink Floors. Kit includes (1) Versa (tapping) Block, (1) Steel Pull Bar & (1) Set of 40 Spacers. Tools are designed specifically for the Uniclic® and UniLink™ locking systems for the smoothest installation and without the risk of damaging flooring planks with the wrong floor installation tools.

Follow Quick Step Installation instructions for your specific floor. Some additional tools will be required, in addition to this kit. Install steps will indicate when to use the tools in the Performance Accessories Installation Kit. Spacers will be used between planks and the wall to ensure that expansion joints are the correct width. Use the VersaBlock™ tapping block, flat or angling up and down as indicated in install documents, to tap each board into place. In places where it is difficult to install Uniclic planks with the tapping block, such as against the wall, you can tap them together using the steel pull bar and a hammer or mallet.

VersaBlock tapping block has brief instructions on the back of the tool to be used as a quick guide. Always follow the installation documents provided by the flooring manufacturer. Performance Accessories Installation Kit should be used for installing Quick-Step Uniclic laminate wood floors only and Uniclic floors by other flooring manufacturers such as Mohawk Flooring.