CAPTURE Carpet Cleaner Care

CAPTURE Carpet Cleaner Care
Capture Carpet Cleaner is a deep dry carpet cleaning method that completely cleans and refreshes your carpet along with soil and stain removing spot cleaning sprays for completely clean carpeting. Simply sprinkle and vacuum and the safe, non-toxic formula will deeply penetrate fibers and lift dirt, stains and spills for a fresh clean that lasts longer. Use the Soil Release Pre-Mist ahead of the deep carpet cleaning powder to target visible dirt spots for the best possible carpet cleaning results. Capture cleaner is safe on all kinds of fabrics and fibers including stain-resistant carpets and wool rugs.
Capture Total Carpet Care Kit
$51.60, 2/$92.88
Capture Carpet Soil Release Pre-Mist - 24 oz. Spray
$12.55, 4/$45.20
Capture Carpet Deep Cleaning Powder - 4lb
$30.50, 2/$24.90
Capture Carpet Spot & Stain Remover - 32oz. Spray
$14.50, 4/$52.20
Capture Carpet Pet Stain & Odor Neutralizer - 32 oz Spray
$15.75, 4/$56.72
Capture Carpet Spot Eliminator - 16 oz. aerosol (ORMD)
Capture dry carpet cleaner is convenient, safe and effective. You can quickly remove the toughest stains whenever and wherever you want - from the small hallways to entire rooms - without rentals, professionals or soggy carpets. Use the Capture Total Carpet Care Kit if you're looking for a simple way to clean your home's carpeting and rugs during regular cleaning and maintenance. This kit includes a 4-pound container of Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner plus a bottle of Capture Pre-Mist and a Capture Carpet Brush for a thorough clean. You can use this kit as a top-notch Capture rug cleaner or a dry carpet cleaner to remove dirt, odors, allergen particles and more.

We also carry the 4-pound Capture Carpet Deep Cleaning Powder at 1877FloorGuy for a safe and economical way to lift stains and refresh carpet. Capture stain removing spray-on cleaners include Carpet Spot & Soil Stain Remover and Capture Carpet Spot Eliminator, two easy-to-use carpet spot cleaners that let you safely target spills and stains as they occur. Home- and business-owners with pets will also appreciate Capture Carpet Pet Stain & Odor Neutralizer, which features a gentle, harsh chemical-free formula to neutralize pet odors on contact.