Give your Anderson wood floors the deep clean required for optimum longevity using these top-notch Anderson floor cleaner products. Designed for both hardwood floors and engineered wood floors, each Anderson flooring cleaner helps maintain the overall appearance of your Anderson floors without streaks, stickiness or dulling residue. We have the formulas by brands such as Bona, Hilway Direct and Shaw that can effectively remove dirt, grease and scuffs from Anderson wood. Although the Anderson brand of floor cleaner has been discontinued, 1877FloorGuy can still help you find high-quality cleaners for your Anderson hardwood floors that will not damage or compromise their beauty or limit their performance.
Shaw r2x Hard Surfaces Flooring Cleaner, 32 oz Spray
Hard Surface Cleaner
$11.00, 6/$59.40
Shaw r2x Hardsurface Floor Cleaner, 1-Gallon Refill
Hard Surface Cleaner
$23.30, 4/$83.88
All Spray & Wipe Flat Mop Supplies
Spray & Wipe Mop Supplies
Anderson recommends Shaw R2X Hard Surface Cleaner in place of Anderson Clean Green Hardwood Cleaner, which has been discontinued. This Shaw hardwood floor cleaner is an effective dirt- and grease-remover that won't leave behind any sticky residue, so it's helpful to have on hand for many situations. This is a comparable replacement to discontinued Anderson wood flooring cleaners for urethane-coated wood and engineered floors.

Bona hardwood floor cleaners are another environmentally responsible, non-toxic cleansing solution for your Anderson floor cleaning. We also offer complete hardwood care systems and kits at 1877FloorGuy that come with hardwood or engineered wood floor cleaners, microfiber cleaning pads and dusting pads to completely revamp your flooring every step of the way. Be sure to pick up a microfiber mop or cleaning pad to apply your Anderson hardwood floor cleaners.