Bostik's BEST Adhesive Cartridge, 28oz

Bostik's BEST Adhesive Cartridge, 28ozZoom
No Longer Available

Product Description

Bostik's Best Adhesive, 28oz Cartridge is being supplied and recommended by Ecore brand flooring as a substitute adhesive cartridge while Ecore E-Grip III Adhesive 10.1oz Cartridge is currently unavailable. Use this recommended adhesive cartridge for glue-down installation of Ecore rubber and sheet vinyl commercial floors as specified by the flooring manufacturer. Bostik's BEST is labeled as a wood flooring urethane adhesive and it is approved for use with Ecore flooring, by Ecore.

If you prefer to stay with the Ecore brand E-Grip III adhesive, it is available for purchase in a 4-gallon pail for Ecore floor installations.

Complete installation instructions for Ecore flooring can be found on the ecore website in the Ecore Flooring Technical Manual that corresponds with your floor.

Read Bostik Technical Information for Bostik adhesive details including directions regarding open time and trowel notch sizes. If this information is different than the specifications provided by Ecore installation instructions, contact Ecore technical support for clarification.

Safety Data Sheet: Bostik's Best SDS

Coverage will range from approximately 20sf to 80sf per gallon depending upon substrate and trowel notch size.

Ecore E-Grip 3 10.1oz Cartridge is expected to be available again in the future but no specific date is known at this time. You can add your email address on the Ecore cartridge item page to receive an email when the 10.1 ounce cartridge is available.