Ecore E-Strip, 1-Gallon

  • Ecore E-Strip, 1-Gallon
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Product Description

Use fast-acting, low-odor Ecore E-Strip to remove multiple layers of finish without harsh alkalis, high VOCs, phosphates or other harmful components. This environmentally-friendly floor stripper is designed for use on Ecore rubber floors and is especially well-suited to busy, commercial environments requiring safe, low-odor stripping products. Safely use E-Strip in hospitals, retail environments, gyms, hotels and more. E-Strip is uniquely designed to remove Ecore E-Finish without damaging or compromising the look and quality of Ecore floors, but it will also work to strip away most conventional metal cross-linked floor polishes. It requires no neutralization before finish application. Pair it with additional Ecore floor products from 1877FloorGuy for a complete maintenance system that will help you honor your floor's warranty. Coverage: Each 1-gallon container of E-Strip will cover approximately 1,200 square feet of heavily soiled flooring.