Ecore E-Strip, 1-Gallon

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Fast acting with low odor, ECORE E-Strip is a commercial floor finish remover and heavy duty restorative floor cleaner to removes multiple layers of flooring finish without harsh alkalies. Use for floor finish removal on Ecore LVT and Heterogeneous Vinyl and for heavily soiled or restorative cleaning on Ecore recycled rubber floors in accordance with each of the floor maintenance instruction guides. E-Strip is specifically designed to remove E-Finish and will also remove most conventional metal crosslinked floor polishes safely and effectively. E-Strip requires no neutralization prior to finish application. It is readily biodegradable, phosphate-free and VOC compliant. Ecore EStrip is highly concentrated and available in a 1 gallon size. Coverage for 1-gallon of E-Strip is up to approx 2000 square feet but will depend upon the required dilution rate and intended use.

Ecore E-Strip Technical Information Page
Ecore E-Strip Safety Data Sheet

For heavy soiling & restorative cleaning on Ecore rubber floors, follow the maintenance section instructions in your flooring information. E-Strip dilution will range from 10 to 16 ounces per gallon of water. Scrub the floor with the ecore specified machine pad on an auto scrubber or swing machine. Pick up dirty solution with a wet vacuum, rinse with clean water until all solution is removed. Allow floor to dry completely, approx 6-8 hours.

To remove light floor finish build-up, dilute 16-ounces E-strip per gallon of water; 1:8 ratio. Mop stripper solution onto floor. Allow to dwell 5 minutes. Agitate by mopping again. Pick up dirty solution with wet vacuum. Rinse floor completely. Allow to dry.

Heavy floor finish build-up can be removed by diluting 42-ounces of E-Strip in 1-gallon of water; 1:3. Mop solution onto floor and let stand for only 1 to 2 minutes. Agitate the EStrip solution with mop, low speed buffer or autoscrubber fitted with a black pad. See floor maintenance instructions for specific floor pad recommendations. Remove stripping solution with a wet vac. Rinse floor thoroughly. Let floor dry completely.

DO NOT allow E-Strip solution to stand on floor for more than 5 minutes as this may cause damage to flooring material. Follow safety precautions on product label during use and place appropriate wet floor signs to restrict traffic on floor during finish removal process.

REFERENCE the ecore maintenance instructions in the technical guide for your specific Ecore floor before using E-Strip to remove floor polish or for restorative use. This will ensure proper use of E-Strip on your floor including dilution rate and recommended machine pads or brushes. Following the flooring manufacturer care directions will provide the best possible results.