Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks

Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks
Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks

A brand-new wood floor easily will be the most beautiful floor in your house - and you want it looking that way as long as possible. Unfortunately, life will have its share of spills and accidents in store. With these tips from 1877FloorGuy, you'll keep your wood floor looking as pristine as it did the day you bought it.
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Keeping it clean

Microfiber floor mops are a great way to quickly clean up basic dust, pet hair and other dry messes. Better yet, the base is bendable to reach those hard-to-get areas. If you have dark wood floors, you can also steep several black tea bags in a quart of water and then use a cloth to wipe it on the floor with the grain. The tannins in the tea will even add a subtle sheen. Never use this method for urethane-finished floors, as it will look good at the time but it will come off quickly. The best method for keeping hardwood floors clean is to regularly apply ready-to-use hardwood floor cleaners by Bona and Hilway and add entry mats to doorways and high foot traffic areas to prevent damage.

Repairing and preventing damage

Preventative practices like removing shoes before walking on hardwood are the best at preventing damage to your floors. To address dents in a wood floor, use a wet paper towel/cloth and iron to correct smaller dents and dips. Place a dab of water on the dent and cover it with a paper towel or cloth, then use the iron in a circular motion to effectively steam out dents.

To prevent hardwood floor damage, cover the bottoms of table and chair legs with felt furniture protectors. The felt ends will also stabilize wobbly furniture to reduce the chance of accidents and future accidents. For scuff marks, use knead-able magic erasers, like the ones used in art class. Simply work over the scuffed area, and when the eraser becomes dirty, knead out a clean area. Be aware that with high-gloss floors, you may dull out floors by overworking them.

Scratch removal techniques

The best way to correct scratches in hardwood floors is to purchase a scratch-removal kit, like Mannington Wood Floor Touch-Up, and blend your wood color with the scratch-removal shade of your choice.


If your wood floor has begun creaking, apply a generous dusting of baby powder and work it into the cracks until the noise stops - note that any exposed or excess baby powder will need to be removed before future refinishing can occur. It's important to note that a lot of times creaking is caused by loose subfloor screws, so make sure to ensure that your subfloor is securely screwed in to address creaky hardwood floors. Injecting adhesives into specific problem areas may also offer a viable solution. Avoid using any abrasives, as this can breakdown the finish on the hardwood. If you're using abrasives, make sure you are prepared to restore the finish. You can restore the luster of old wood floors with hardwood floor polishes available at 1877FloorGuy.