WOCA High Solid Master Oil

WOCA High Solid Master Oil
For certain commercial applications, when a very high degree of solids is required, High Solid Master Oil is recommended. Certain types of unfinished cork flooring, for example, should be treated with High Solid Master Oil. This oil can also be used when extreme durability is called for, as it contains 91% solids to provide an extra hard-wearing floor surface.

What are Solids?

When we talk about solids for WOCA High Solid Master Oil, we're not actually talking about objects in the oil. Solids refer to the plastic or polymer molecules on the floor after applying the finish.

High Solid Master Oil, available in Natural and White, must only be applied by trained professionals, as it cures very quickly. High solids provide a higher degree or protection as they make up the bulk of the armor-like coating.

It may seem like high solid flooring finishes would be ideal for everything, but the higher solid content, the thicker the finish. It can be difficult to spread out and level for high solid finishes. Finishes dry quickly, so they can begin to dry before you're finished.

Improper high solid application can lead to uneven gloss and mop swirls or create thick patches of finish that take forever to dry.

Since WOCA High Solid Master Oil is rather temperamental, it's best left up to professionals because it dries very fast and can be difficult to strip away.

Safety Data: Woca High Solids Master Oil SDS