WDD15 Push Groover

  • WDD15 Push Groover
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Mfr. Part No:WDD15
Brand:Winkelman - Leister

Product Description

The Winkelman WDD 15 push tool groover is a must for professional floor installers who regularly use heat welding as part of their resilient flooring installation services. This push groover hand tool by Winkelman provides the precision and uniformity required for a quality, professional job done right. The WDD 15 allows you to complete a groove where the floor meets at any vertical surface, such as a wall, baseboard, partition, door jamb or built-in cabinet. It's designed to be conducive to success for that last two inches of flooring that your power groover won't reach. The push tool groover, when equipped with the proper blades for the size welding rod required, should uniformly mimic the width and depth of the power groover tool used on the job. 1877FloorGuy also sells blades for this push groover.

For optimal performance and appearance, you need your groove to be precise, uniform and consistent in width and depth. Therefore, the last two inches of your groove, done with a handheld tool, can make or break the flooring installation, as it is challenging to maintain the precision delivered by the power groover. Although most resilient floor manufacturers will have their own set of installation tools pertaining to grooves for heat-welding, on average, most heat-weld flooring grooves should be approximately two-thirds of the product thickness (in depth) and should accommodate the overall diameter of the welding rod being used. The tool should work without making the groove too deep or too wide so that when the excess welding rod is skived off after welding there is fusion on the sides and under the rod so that the flooring is hermetically sealed.

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