Update Grout in Three Easy Steps

Update Grout in Three Easy Steps

Update Grout in Three Easy Steps

If you're looking for a fast, easy and affordable answer on how to update the grout in your kitchen or bathroom, use this handy three-step grout coloring guide from 1877FloorGuy. All you need is a high-performance Aqua Mix Grout Colorant Kit and a bit of elbow grease. Aqua Mix kits include everything you need to attack most grout coloring projects. Learn how to update grout fast and walk on your floors the same day. The best part is, you can rule out expensive professional cleaning services or complete floor replacement when you color grout yourself.

What You Need:

1. Aqua Mix Grout Colorant Kit - This easy-to-use grout cleanup kit comes in 20 colors to match your grout color exactly. It includes Aqua Mix Pre-Treatment Cleaner, Aqua Mix Grout Colorant, a grout brush and a scrub pad. Whenever you use a new product on your tile, make sure to test a small, inconspicuous area before treating the entire surface.

Grout Coloring: As Easy as One-Two-Three

Step 1: The first step is to clean the grout to remove dirt, debris and coatings. To do so, start by sweeping or vacuuming. Wet the grout lines with water and spray with the included pre-treatment cleaner. Scrub the grout with the included white scrub pad. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry completely for at least two hours before applying grout color.

Applying colorant before the grout is completely dry will lead to poor adhesion of the color, which may result in peeling or flaking. Follow product label directions for best results. It's not recommended for use on some types of tile nor in certain conditions, so read be sure to read the full product instructions prior to use.

Step 2: The second step is coloring the grout. Pour your colorant into a small bowl. If using more than one bottle, mix the bottles together in the bowl to ensure even color since dye lots between bottles can have some variation. Apply the colorant with the included grout brush. You'll use it much like a paintbrush, but with more back and forth motion, to apply color into all crevices and grooves of the grout. It is OK to go "out of the lines."

In step three you'll go back to clean up tiles where you went out of bounds. If, when the first coat of color dries, you feel a second coat is required, you may reapply after two hours. A second coat is typical when you're using a light colorant over dark grout. When you're done coloring the grout, allow it to dry until it's dry to your touch (approximately one hour) and then you're ready for step three.

Step 3: Moisten the white scrub pad (the same one you used in step one) and carefully use it to clean off the tiles surrounding the grout where you colored out of the lines. You may need to scrub back and forth a bit on textured tile but the water-based colorant will come clean off the tiles. A longer wait time to clean tiles was ok during a test we did where we cleaned textured porcelain tiles the next day after applying grout colorant.

When you finish cleaning the excess colorant off of the tiles, you are done. Grout colorant is dry in two hours. If possible, especially in a bathroom where the floor can get wet, we recommend letting it dry overnight before using the space.

Additional Grout Coloring Options & Tips

You can easily spiff up the color and luster of your grout in-between deep grout colorings with Grout-Aide Markers and other grout colorant products. To maintain your tile and colored grout, use a stone or tile cleaner formulated for use on the type of tile in your home. You'll find the right tile cleaner or grout cleaner in our large selection of tile and grout care products at 1877FloorGuy. Remember, if you aren't sure if a product is right for your specific surfaces, reference the manufacturer's label or contact us for more information.

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