Clear Flat (Matte) Touch Up Urethane Finish - 1/2 Ounce

Clear Flat (Matte) Touch Up Urethane Finish - 1/2 OunceZoom
Mfr. Part No:M450-0003
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Product Description

For minor finish repairs on Kahrs Matte Lacquer floors, use this small .5oz (15ml) bottle of Mohawk Blend-It Clear Flat M450-0003 Urethane touchup. Use along with a Mohawk touchup kit or alone. The touch-up urethane comes in small .5 ounce bottle with an applicator brush. Carefully apply the touch up urethane to the repaired spot on the wood floor using even strokes in the direction of the wood grain. Apply one light coat of touch up finish and allow it to dry before applying more. One coat is often enough. Touch up lacquer urethane dries quickly when applied in a thin coat. When applied too thick the touch up area is more noticeable.
  • Mohawk Clear Flat M450-0003, 1/2 ounce bottle with applicator brush.
  • Use on Kahrs hardwood flooring that has a Matte Lacquer finish.